Episode 36 w/ Caroline Collins: A Simple Life Is Its Own Reward

Recording from Seacoast Church Longpoint Campus (Charleston, SC), Kyle is joined by guest Co-Host Joshua Caleb Seldon, a talented worship leader, speaker, and friend of the show, and featured guest Caroline Collins, a 21 year old worship pastor at Seacoast Church. Caroline has been singing and performing on stage since she was 14 years old, starting with singing during middle school services and now singing in front of thousands in a single weekend. She offers her beliefs on what true worship really is and shares about her experience going through a renowned school of worship called 10,000 Fathers.

Caroline Collins is a 21 year old vocalist and musician in Charleston SC, currently a worship pastor at Seacoast church. She graduated from 10,000 Fathers worship school in Atlanta GA where she was discipled, and equipped to disciple others. She craves a life of simplicity and organic relationships where interruptions of agendas are welcomed. She desires to disciple those around her by journeying with them to realize their true selves whom God wants them to embrace, and the tools for them to help others do the same. She can be contacted at Caroline.faith97@gmail.com and on social media @caroli_collins.


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