Episode 35 w/ Dayday Carswell: Be Great Today

Recording from the basketball gym at North Charleston High School (North Charleston, SC), Kyle is joined by Coach Ishmael Turner (Summerville High School) and featured guest Dayday Carswell, a current 12th grade student with several scholarship offers to play college basketball. He shares some of the highlights from the season including being the No. 2 rebounder in the U.S. and No. 1 in South Carolina, some insight for other basketball players out there, and some challenges that were overcome along the way.

Dayday Carswell (18) is a senior at North Charleston High School where he plays basketball and football. He is involved in a club called King where young man gather and get a word from a teacher about life. His plan is to not just change the world but our generation as a whole because he believes we are God’s great children. He can be reached at carswelldaquan@gmail.com and on social media @daydaykingsmoove.


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