Episode 31 w/ Chris Russo and Stephen Popadich: Define Your Why

On this episode we talk with Chris Russo and Stephen Popadich on the topic of defining and establishing your "why", and providing commentary on a book called "It Starts with Why" by Simon Sinek. Your "why", or your deeper purpose for what you do is so important to fullfillment and success in life. The book talks about how figuring out your "why" before your "what" helps people and businesses focus and stay true to their core purpose. Without an underlying why, we are all commodities filling a role until something more popular or better comes along. Start with why and live it out.

Chris Russo (@pastorrusso) is passionate about sharing truth with others, and his favorite way to do that is through Spoken Word Poetry, Daily 1 Minute Messages, and as the pastor of Seacoast Church: West Ashley Campus in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a family man with a wife, Abbi,  and three sons, Isaac, Jonathan, and Samuel.

Stephen Popadich (@stephenpopadich) is the Pastor of the College and 20's at Seacoach Church in Charleston, SC, and is a talented artist, painting amazing works for special events and in his leisure time. He is a family man with a wife, Nicole, and a young son, Owen, and young daughter, Anna Capri.

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