Episode 26 w/ Jonathan Gatlin and Kyle Sheldon: Start Your Growth Journey

On this episode, we talk with Jonathan Gatlin and Kyle Sheldon, both young entrepreneurs, on key points to build your character and how to start the growth journey. We cover topics from the book, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John C. Maxwell. We discuss the Law of Intentionality, how the process of growth is not automatic and must make a conscious effort to become better. We discuss the Law of Environment and the importance of surrounding yourself with people that will make you better, with mentors, and accountability partners. We also discuss the Law of the Rubber Band, and how growth takes consistent stretching and getting out of your comfort zone.

Jonathan Gatlin, 28 years old from Houston, TX, is a man of faith, a growing entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and coach. He believes in serving, growing, and prospering with a focus on Jesus, association, mentorship, and managing all that you have.

Kyle Sheldon, 25 years old from Summerville, SC, is a business owner, entrepreneur, and aspiring mentor. He believes in making an impact for God's glory and the benefit of His people.
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